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Hi, I’m Nikole.  I’m a personal trainer because I am passionate about helping people become a healthier, fitter and happier version of themselves.  

People seem to think that to be fit and healthy you need to deprive yourself while exercising for hours on end.  I don’t believe that this is the case.  I promote long lasting sustainable habits that create a healthy lifestyle and I will support you through your personal journey to healthy living.  

Healthy living is about having the information to make smart choices every day.

I offer personal training and nutrition advice to help you make these choices and improve your lifestyle.


My love of activity and fitness began at age 3 in my first ballet class.  I continued to dance (multiple styles) well into my 30’s, which led to teaching dance and choreographing for various dance groups.  For 14 years I choreographed for musical theatre.  These two avenues required two different sets of skills; teaching and choreographing trained dancers (athletes) and teaching and choreographing for singers and actors with no dance experience. 

As such I have a great understanding of the body, muscles, and injuries that coexist with being physically active; as well as experience getting the best out of people and helping them achieve what they didn’t think they could.

When I reached my 20s (and felt too old doing ballet classes with 13 year olds!), I needed a new activity.  I turned to running, which I soon fell in love with, and later engaged a personal trainer to help me build strength.  I have become a keen fun-runner and have dabbled in triathlons!

I believe that we are all capable of more than we think we are.  But we are all different with our own strengths, weaknesses and limitations.  I will help identify these for you and we will work together to reach your full potential.



Certificate IV in Fitness

Advanced Diploma of Natural Health Nutrition and Diet

Punchfit Trainer level 1

Kettlebells Trainer level 1

Pre & Postnatal Coach