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“I eat well, it’s the snacks that get me!”

“I eat well, it’s the snacks that get me!”

When I ask my clients who want to lose weight what their diet is like, this is a common response! They tell me their 3 main meals are reasonably good, but when they feel like snacks that’s when they fall off the wagon!  They don’t prepare anything so they go to the work vending machine, or the local cafe, or servo.  They reach for chocolate, pizza shapes, doughnuts among other sugar rich, nutrient poor options. 

The key to making long lasting changes is preparation! Take the extra 5 minutes to pack yourself supplies for the day. Aim for one snack mid morning and one mid afternoon.

So what are some good ideas for snacks? I’m going to share with you some of my favourites:

– some nuts (peanuts/cashews/pistachios/almonds and always unsalted) followed by a piece of fruit 

– yoghurt with chia seeds and some berries

– 4 crackers with home made hummus or low fat cottage cheese

– 4 vitaweets with hummus

– carrots sticks and celery sticks

– rice cakes with hummus, low fat cottage cheese or natural peanut butter- savoury muffin (home made of course, recipe to come)

– herbal tea like lemon & ginger, peppermint or green tea.  Sometimes you think you’re hungry but you’re actually bored or just need a distraction!  If you’ve already eaten all your snacks, make yourself a cup of tea! Quite often you’ll find you’re not actually hungry and the tea will provide all the distraction you needed!! 

Coconut yoghurt, chia seeds, blueberries and strawberries, snacks

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