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The combination of exercise and a balanced diet is the perfect recipe for long lasting health.  

Eating well encourages:

– Weight loss

– Weight maintenance

– Better sleep

– Increased energy levels

– A clearer head

– General well being

I can help you distinguish between the good and bad things in your current diet and offer you nutrition advice for healthy alternatives. I don’t believe deprivation is healthy or sustainable.

I always considered myself ‘mindful’ of my nutrition, but as it turns out I was eating pretty poorly.  The turning point for me was at the start of 2013 when, after 11 years of being heavily medicated for chronic gastric reflux, my specialist told me I could no longer be on the medication that I had been so reliant on. 

This meant only taking pills when absolutely necessary and instead finding a way around my condition with a healthy diet.  Through research, I completely overhauled my way of eating, cooking and preparing foods. As a result of these nutrition changes I have been medication free ever since.  I found it incredible that a good and healthy diet made such a difference in my life.  What I also learnt is that being healthy does not mean depriving yourself nor does it mean being anti-social.  It’s about having the information and education to make smart decisions. 

It was this change in my life that inspired me to follow this path and help others in their quest for health and fitness. 

I am extremely passionate about empowering others to find their healthy happy place and maintain it for life, because these changes have made such a difference to mine.